7. Clients’ Comments

Wedding day 2014-01-14

Suki & Tin Wedding

Massage by Whatsapp

Hi Kit,感謝你為我們註冊和婚禮當日進行攝錄工作..當天親友眾多,可能人物和環境有時候影響了你的拍攝進度..但我感受得到你絕對是一個真誠丶有禮丶高EQ和謙虛的藝術工作者..註冊時你所攝錄的片段和婚禮當晚播放的影片都足以感動全場..謝謝你每分每秒都在捕捉各人的動人畫面..因為有你的參與我們才能留下美好回憶..真心多謝你!你要繼續努力,我們支持你的!

Suki & Tin


Wedding day 2014-01-04

Connie & Jeffrey Wedding

Massage by Facebook

Just want to tell you that you made the best same-day-edit we have ever watched. It is our blessing to have you to be our videographer. Most importantly, your video really delivered the message of God-centered wedding. Thank you so much!


Wedding day 2013-12-13

Katherine & Solomon Wedding

Massage by Whatsapp

My video is highly appreciated by friends! They say the video is very solemn, sweet, classy! Thanks Gabriel! My husband and I love the video so much! Looking forward to see your final product (long version)


Wedding day 2013-12-06

Karen & Pak Wedding

Massage by Whatsapp

Hi kit
Want to thank you for last night!
The video was great… Thanks for helping us out… And sorry for the overrun! U guys must be tired…!
Very good job
We love it!


Wedding day 2013-10-06

Winnie & Au Yeung Wedding

Massage by Whatsapp

I like this style
A shorter version.I mean the part of ceremony. Quite romantic,Thank you.
Btw,everyone was amazed the film u made for the ceremony.many thx.it’s even better than I expect


Wedding day 2013-08-03

Pauline & Eduard  Wedding




Wedding day 2013-03-31

Silva & Victor Pre Wedding

Massage by Facebook

Hi Kit

What a wonderful night! Really many thanks for your help yesterday. It wouldn’t be successful if without you and Ar Leung. Thanks again.

We didn’t have much time seeing your works immediately yesterday but I bet you must had some great ones given the textures and weather especially the sunset at Dragonair.

My tousers changing in the street was a really funny one!! I need to think should it be played during wedding night! What a view!! hahahaha.

So what next…I think while you are busy with clips editing, Silva and I shall start think about pre-wedding photos and pick a wedding date. We shall sit down with you when your editing is done to discuss what shall we PLAY next and when!

After some training yesterday I hope we can “act" better next time! One good thing is we do not need to find other videoman in future, you are definitely our ONLY CHOICE!

Thank you very much Kerry and Ar Leung (dun have his FB). We looking forward to see you soon!




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